Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 152: Christmas Eve ... already?

Are you ready? I am almost ready.
Erin took  me for a pedicure early this morning.
(So I'll look good, if I remove my UGGS tomorrow morning) 

We do Christmas at 8:30 tomorrow morning.
This is carry-over from when the boys were younger
and 8:30 was as long as we could hold them off.

Now two are teenagers and one almost ...
so they have finally learned the joy on sleeping in.
Anyway, I asked Erin to take me to the
Harley Davidson store for a Bassel gift search.

I have never liked motorcycles.
But I must me mellowing in my later years, because 
when I see Erin hugging Bassel as they ride ...
I get it.

So I enter this huge store ...
kinds of

Baby stuff, ladies stuff, technical stuff and more ...

I liked the graphics ...

and the gift wrapping was great!

Always something new, my first Christmas Eve
in a Harley Davidson store!
Don't tell Bassel.

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