Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 132: Gonna miss them ...

I mentioned for days about the sale last weekend.
It was a great sale for all nine artists.

"Sisters 2", 18x24" on canvas, framed

The thing about a sale, if you are lucky, 
is that some of your work goes to a new home.

"Survivor", 36x48" on canvas
Often you have become attached ...

"Three Sisters", 36x48" on canvas

 and even though they go to a good home ...

"Sometimes a cat takes over your life", 12x12" on canvas

you will miss them.

"Detour", 12x12" on canvas
These are a few that I will miss ...

"Black cat", 12x12" on canvas

"Maggie", 12x12" on canvas

"Redhead" 4x12" on canvas

"Otis", 12x12" on canvas

"I voted" 11x14" framed

"Artistic License Lady",  12x36" on canvas (partial view)

"Lady Gaga", 8x8" on wood

I also sold digital work, and cards,
but these were a little part of me.

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