Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 108: Thank goodness for Polly!

We had a long, hard day today. 
A lot of waiting and at 3PM Michael took me to lunch at ...

I gave him a photo of him from years ago.  
You can tell he is thrilled.

We were both hungry.  So Michael ordered the ...

Grilled Sourdough Burger
Freshly baked sourdough bread, spread with garlic parmesan butter and grilled to envelop a fresh beef patty, topped with two slices of cheddar cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles and Ms. Polly's special dressing. All burgers served with one side item.  *As is often the case, I forgot to take a picture!

I ordered the ...

Mega Grilled Cheese + Avocado
Four popular delicious cheeses: Jack, CIheddar, Swiss and American on freshly baked sourdough bread, grilled with Ms. Polly's special garlic parmesan cheese spread. Sandwiches served with "All You Can Eat" Kona Style Chips or choose Baked Beans, Coleslaw, or French Fries.    *And, I forgot to shoot until it was 1/2 gone!

It is against the rules to eat at Polly's and not have pie.

I complied with maple crusted pumpkin with ice cream.
It was a requirement.

Michael fulfilled his duty with boysenberry pie 
and a glass of milk.  We are law-abiding folks.

Thank You Michael and Polly's.

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