Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 107: A 360 tour, almost ...

Everyday I am baffled.
I committed to do a daily blog. That's the easy part.
Coming up with a subject daily is challenging.
Looking around my studio for ideas, in pure desperation, 
and I decided on a 360 degree (almost) tour.
So, here goes ...

taken from my desk chair ... bills and all.

Behind me, the left corner area.

Directly left, semi-organized. I didn't clean up.

I need a days notice to close that door.

More stuff. Too much stuff.

This is a Brian Andreas angel, that flies above it all. 
It says ...

for some reason, that speaks to me.

My view to my right ...

and further right ...

I have a little sign above that describes my mess ...

Thanks for visiting.

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