Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 98: Two days left?

 Thank you to the kind souls who jumped through the hoops 
to boost my tiny blog from 5 to 14 as I go to blog press. 

Just two days left to enter. See Day 97 for how.

I promise once the winner is announced 
there will be no more shameless antics.

On yesterday's walk I found this dried twig. 
It wanted to come home with me for a photo shoot. 
I was pleased.

I am a working on my entries for the HBAL gallery show.
This was my first attempt, an okay start.

A later attempt, but still not there.

I think this will be my entry.

And finally, a pre-halloween smile for you...

Talk about a random blog! 
You never know what you'll see.

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