Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 97: Going on 100!

Not me, silly! 
This tiny blog will be 100 days old on Thursday!

Now the "big guys" bloggers have contests.
I'm a "big-guy" wanna-be.
They have hundreds of followers. I have 5.

And so, a contest ...
A shameless effort to get followers.
On the right of this blog it says Followers,
click on the blue square "Join this site" ...

That will bring up this box. 
If you have a google, twitter, yahoo account 
or the others shown, just click on that icon and you're set.

If not, just click on Create a new Google Account at the bottom.
That will bring up this box ...

Don't give up, just takes a  minute ...
your e-mail + a password that you decide (twice)
your birthday, then decipher the green letters ...
everybody hates this part, don't get discouraged ...
it will give you new letters if you have trouble.
Check and click on create my account and you're done.

Once you are a follower, you are automatically entered. 
 On Friday, November 2, 2012  all the follower names will be 
in a hat and the winner will be drawn at random.

Okay, about now, if not before, you are asking ...
what prize is worth all this trouble? Well, you name it! 
No, no trips to Hawaii or a new TV, but ...

A print of any artwork, your choice.
Anything posted on the 100 days of this tiny blog.
Or, if you prefer, and if you're local, O.C., CA 
a free two hour one-on-one lesson in 
collage, journaling or ipad graphics.
I'm desperate folks! Help?

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