Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 95: Time for a walk.

Woke up knowing I should walk. I often wake up that way.
But today I did it, and decided to take you along.

It's a mile uphill to our destination.

Lots of trees, clear skies, 80 degrees ... perfect!

A lovely little park at the top of the hill,
rustic with paths and more ...

a western theme ...

An older gentleman (probably my age) 
does his timed laps within the paths in this park.

He smiled as he passed me on the swing. The first one is mine. 
When is the last time you were on a swing?

Above left is the kids water-park, with water shooting 
from the ground when the City attendant is present.

Say goodbye to Pioneer Park ...

we're starting home, beyond the mountains, is the ocean!

All downhill. I could probably sit and roll home.

Home is as far as you can see, down this street.

A great rest stop, but I'm tough, I keep going.

Home. Thanks for your company.

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