Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 84: Avocado babies?

 The babies are doing fine, thank you.
On Day 40 of this blog, I rescued a talking avocado seed.

So 44 days later I have an avocado nursery. 
Now five in number. I used the technique shown on

Not a glamour shot, but this one has a bit of a green leaf peaking out of the crack and a root.

I bet you've never seen stuff like this on your other blogs?
I know it's odd, but I am thrilled with this technique. They are raised in water until they crack and root, then I added a teaspoon of good soil to acclimate them before tranferral to a pot..

Awww ... now that's beautiful, right?

 This one reminds me of my eldest grandson, 6'3" at 14.

This little seed grows to his own timeset. He's a little slower, but there is a crack and I have faith.
Actually, I can relate to this guy.

And, I find that when I am not really sure 
that my day's blog will interest you, 
I run outside and take a picture of the sunset.

5:50PM,  Monday, October 15, 2012,  Tustin, CA

Here you go.

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