Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 82: A hodgepodge of random unimportant facts.

Fist of all, a reward ...

Isn't this neat? I don't know where, how or why ...
but I like it, a lot.

Yesterday I went to see the movie, ARGO.
A workout for my heart and senses.
I think they are all still on alert.

Yes, this is me.  Except last night I went to bed 
at a reasonable hour, only to be wide awake at 3 AM.
I came in here to check e-mail etc, even journaled a little. 
Then back to bed, still wide awake.

I found the Bourne Ultimatum starting on an obscure channel.
Lucky for me, today is Saturday. I slept from 5:30 - 11AM!

Two major adrenalin popping movies within 24 hours 
is not without some kind of payback.

Oh, so true!  So that's it for today. 
I said it was random unimportant facts, right?

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