Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 80: If you don't have a brother, can you make one up?

If you don't have a brother, can you make one up?
My answer was yes. I did. 
And not as a youngster, but in high school! 
Can you believe it? It seemed harmless to me at the time. 
I was creating what I didn't have. 
It seemed to me that my friends had perfect families 
and lives, so I enhanced my own. 
Looking back, I probably didn't fool anyone. 
But, aren't I lucky that they let me have my illusions. 
I finally grew out of the need to make up stories in college.

On Day 78 of this blog, I said I have heroes.
Meet Aunt Vonda and Aunt Martha, super-heroes extraordinaire!
My mother's sisters, both were teachers and 
in my opinion, the very best of God's creations.
They came to California and scooped me up 
and took me to Indiana to go to college. 
They changed my life and I am eternally grateful.

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Martha

Aunt Vonda and Uncle Kenneth
Uncle Kenneth was a pilot and killed in the war. 
Aunt Vonda never remarried.

This picture of my heroes was on the way to the Rose Parade.
Such an integral part of my life and my daughters life, I can't imagine where my life would have gone without them.
I know my four cousins felt their love and special-ness 
as much as I. We were blessed.

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