Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 78: I have a lot of heroes!

I don't remember having "super" heroes as a kid. 
I just googled it,  I was afraid I might be older that superheroes? 
I am not.  From 1917 they have filled some need. 

But my blogging hero is Roz Stendahl.  Artist extraordinaire.
She inspired me to start a blog 78 days ago. 

She said today was her 1405th post, from the past four years, having more than a million hits.

©2011 Tom Nelson

Roz works as a graphic designer,  illustrator, writer and teacher.
As well as a staunch gouache cheerleader.

Bookmaker, Journalist, Instructor in great demand, 
how she fits in a blog is a wonder. Also a dog-lover, 
I had to include a dog illustration.

She inspires and gives freely of her extensive knowledge. 
I am one of hundreds, thousands who follow.
Move over Wonder Woman!

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