Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 75: Pumpkins and stuff ...

Today I drove over to Piecemakers in Costa Mesa.
They have an annual harvest festival.

Piecemakers Country Band

Piecemakers Country Store

A relaxed venue with perfect fall 

by Julie Zucker

by Julie Zucker

For me, the star artisan was Julie Zucker, of San Diego.
Her original whimsical creations were amazing.

by Julie Zucker
by Julie Zucker

by Julie Zucker
This "Mother and child" was wonderful. The detail. 
She would be home with me now,  if it weren't for 
my new dedication to living with less.  
But I will miss her.

A nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
And that would be the end of today's blog, except 
as I came in to write it, I looked out and saw this ....

6:55 PM Tustin, CA

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