Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 70: It's journal time ...

Do you remember that sweet little journal that 
Tyler bought for me at the MOCA gift shop?

Mine is small, 4x7" pages ...

one of the neat features is that Ex Libris Anonymous 
has the wisdom to leave some of the original pages 
when they rebind old books into new ones.

Given to me on August 31st, I was finishing up 
journal #49, so started this one on September 25th.

Part scribbles, collage, accounts of the day. I have no rules 
for what will go into my journal, but I do something each day.

It takes a while to make a new journal comfortable, and mine.

Looks like this journal will be art on the left, text on the right.

Somedays I do some art pages ahead.

And, I am trying to get in some drawing practice.

Sometimes it's painful, but I need the practice.

Sketches done from tv or my computer screen are drills,
practice and often torn up as a filler as shown 
on the journal page in day 13.

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