Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 69: Still tired from yesterday?

Ever have one of those days? I call them sloth days.

Yesterday I  attended a 5-1/2 hour training session 
given by Hokubei Karate-do Shihankai
a group of Master instructors.

Four Shihan taught us from their years of experience.
The event was held at Genbu-Kai headquarters.
My Sensei, Shihan Fumio Demura, spoke.

Followed by Shihan Hayawo Kiyama, of
Daito-Ru Aiki Jujutsu. 

Kiyama Sensei, 78,  did amazing demonstrations.

Taking control of the attacker

The assailant is immobilized
My photographs do not do justice to Kiyama Sensei's skill.

Just know that the blur is the attacker mid-air, 
upside down before hitting the mat. Amazing.

Another apology, this photo did not capture all 48 participants.

Demura Shihan presented Kiyama Shihan 
with a plaque that he made.

Shihan Tomohiro Arashiro,  Instructor to many 
national champions, taught us the kata, Anan.

Shihan Joseph Kajima, 82, taught judo throws and falls.
You haven't really lived until you practice ukemi 
break-falls and nage waza  throwing techniques in a tiny 
96 degree dojo.  But we were all glad for the opportunity 
to train with these great Masters.

I am still tired.

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