Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 61: Not just any Saturday ...

Not just any Saturday, when you start off the day 
watching the space shuttle fly overhead.

Mark Rightmire, photographer

Back to working on photos of Demura Sensei, from yesterday.
Then scheduled to help at the hombu dojo for a 1PM dan test.

It was 106' in Santa Ana, CA today. 
So these smiles came because the test was over.

Next, off to ASC to watch youngest grandson play basketball
at 4PM, followed by eldest grandson's game at 5PM.

This is a huge 242,000 sq. ft, amazing facility,  with
34 volleyball courts, 25 basketball courts and more.

The USA Volleyball team works out here, but not today.
Grandson's proud parents left for a date night, 
and our next stop was "In'N'Out"!

for a grandmotherly dose of health food!

Followed by showers, video games, tv and laziness.
All in all, a good day.

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