Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 54: 95' in Huntington Beach? What?

Yes, 95' is pretty much unheard of in the Surf City. But it was!
I went to the beautiful Huntington Beach Library Gallery, 
to see ...

Carrol Wolf, Artist/Architect ...

Carrol Wolf

& Judith Todd, Artist/Professor ...

Background self portrait by Judith Todd

put together a stunning show of their many talents.

Carrol Wolf

Carrol exhibited multiple medias on aging ...

Carrol Wolf

including this mixed media work on Alzheimers.

Carrol Wolf

And another using vivid photographs from the past.

Carrol Wolf

And, there were so many beautiful watercolors, this is one.

Judith Todd

A collage made from Judith's watercolor scraps.

More, showing Judith's mastery of color and watercolor...

Because of glare, I apologize that I cropped part
of Judith's sensitive watercolor of her husband, Dan.

Apology#2, I wasn't able to get Judith's 
entire composition "Kick up your heels".

Their show runs through September 28. 2012
The artists will welcome you on Saturdays 1 - 3 PM

I parked in a far parking lot. But, look what I saw.

Some just know how to survive a hot day.

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