Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 53: Pastels in Brea!

I went over to the City of Brea Art Gallery today, 
to see the International Association of Pastel Societies 
20th Juried Exhibition.

Brea takes pride in it's image as a City of Art.
With a performing arts theater, Art in Public Places
an outdoor sculpture collection, in addition
to this nationally recognized gallery.

I arrived a bit early, so took these shots from the outside.

Kaitlyn was most helpful with information.

What drew me to Brea was Marj Lightle's work. 

"Pink Shirt" by Marj Lightle, Cypress, CA

Her use of color is spectacular.

"Trainee/Trainer" by Marj Lightle, Cypress, CA 

I apologize for the reflective lights on artwork, 
I didn't use a flash, but the gallery is well lit.

"Sunnt Side Up #24" by Isabelle V. Lim,  Hong Kong, China

The worlds Pastel Societies sent their finest.

"Edge" by James DeBoer, Danville, IL

" Oncoming Car" by Gig Horr Liverant, Colchester, CT

"First Floor" by Cheri Saffro,  Highland Park. IL

The gallery features a local artist during each national show.
Alice Emmons, painter and sculptor is currently showing.


Stopping at the gallery gift shop is a must, otherwise
I would have missed the Vincent Van Gogh doll 

with a detachable ear!

And now, 
a special thank you to Michael (aka apeman) ...

who rescued my photos from the reluctant i-phone.

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