Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 49: Ever been on a Tall Ship?

I never know what I will "blog" about. 
You may have noticed?

Yesterday's Orange County Register had 
a front page article about the Tall Ships Festival.

No, I couldn't go, but I did in 2005 
and they still look pretty much the same?

I took 159 shots that day ...

and mostly,  every shot is a part of ...

I must be a "parts" person, fascinated with parts of.

I see the whole picture, I prefer parts.

If you're a "whole picture" person, 
you have probably left me by now.

I like close-ups. Backgrounds, not so much.

There were some interesting looks from the crew ...

but I didn't mind. 

I was a happy camper.

If you are nearby you could go to Dana Point Harbor
today and see for yourself.  I can't.
I have a potluck pool party in Riverside.

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