Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 48: Everything is FOR SALE.

Maybe it's age, or mood?  
Though I don't think I am moody, anymore.  
Anyway, the fact is I want to simplify.

Don't you ever want to live simpler? With less?

 I've lived in a small home for the past seventeen years.
 But, I have too much stuff.  So, before I die, 
I plan to give, donate and sell everything.

No, I am not sick and don't expect to die anytime soon.
But, I have a lot of stuff!  So, I need to get started.

I told my plan to friend Mitchell. 
He said, "Oh, 断捨離 Dan Sha Ri ?"
He explains my idea to me, saying it is very
popular in Japan currently. No, I say. This is my idea.

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