Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 42: On my way to Villa Park.

On my way to Villa Park. A seven mile trip I make often. 
But, as I turn on to a familiar street I see ...

A really warm day, what are they doing?

Turns out it's Sam (11) and Jack's (12) 
Amazing Lemonade stand!  And 25c ?
Now being in advertising,  I am drawn to 
their savvy in putting their signs on a stick!
They had me with the collage ice cubes on the signs.
I don't know about you, but ...
I see these young men as future entrepreneurs!

Of course I pulled over. Actually I made a U-turn. 
For not only lemonade, but great flyers.

So I plunked down my four quarters, 
and my card so their parents 
could check out the lady who took their picture. 
Lemonade in hand, and back on route to 
join 4 dogs on a mini vacation.
Pictures tomorrow, I promise.

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