Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 28: This or that? That is my question.

Yesterday was less than stellar. It wasn't bad in any way. I worked out, delivered some artwork and read the Sunday paper. Then I morphed into the couch, with a fan on me. By evening I was scrounging to find some redeeming virtue for the day.  
I selected four collages for today.

Have you heard of Randall Plowman?  
He is a collage artist, and publishes Collage a Day.  
He has 859 followers on his blog (I have 2). 
An author of two or more books, and he teaches 
collage workshops that are on my bucket list.

I have followed and admired him for many years.  
I own a few of his pieces.  I also admire his work ethic.  
I have been doing collage for many years ... since college 
at Eons Ago University.

In other words, I have an ample supply to choose from.

But, if theses aren't to your taste, I will be serving up some 
i-pad delicacies tomorrow.  I had fun late last night.

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