Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 27: Brandy for Cats ?

I thought that might get your attention. 

Actually, it's cats for Brandy.  I met Brandy in one of my classes, and we were instant friends.  This happens more often that you would guess.  Brandy is the ultimate cat lady, but a sane one.  
She later commissioned me to do three cats on canvas for her amazing home.

Brandy had had a cat called Mistoffelees.  So, with a photo in hand,  I started on my first realistic collage, of anything.  He started out okay, as shown above, but darned if I can find  a 
picture of the finished Mistoffelees.  As is my habit, I made five canvases for Brandy to choose three.



The canvases were collaged with magazines, tissue and just a touch of ink and gesso.

Not clear in the photo, but the above canvas says, 
"Sometimes a cat can take over your life."

"Alpha cat" just happened and demanded the name.

Finally, I stumbled across this word, 
and made this for Brandy, just because.

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