Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 25: A veritable buffet of blog titles ...

This morning I started writing in my journal. Today is a rare open day, so I was deciding whether to do "should's" or "wants". Thinking about this blog, I started thinking of subject titles.

A few possible titles for future blogs :

1.  Can a song make you cry?

2.  Do jobs get harder when you put off doing them?

3.  If you don't have a sibling, can you make one up?

4.  Collage makes me happy!

And, since I played with my i-pad last night while I listened to the tv,  today I am going to pick ...

5.  What can you do with an i-pad?

First of all, I have to acknowledge my guru, middle grandson, Jake.  I have three grandsons who are all knowledgable, but Jake is a born teacher and has PATIENCE! He makes me do it, he doesn't just show me.  The above shot, was my first i-pad attempt.

So, while curled up on the couch, I load a photo from my photo library, into Sketch Club, which allows me to add and manipulate layers, much like PS, and when I'm done I can save and export into Instagram or whatever.

 I am especially fond of e-mailing these little gems late at night. 
I picture friends opening their e-mail in the morning saying "What?". 
Send me you e-mail if you want to be bothered.

The one above is a variation of the previous flowers. 
Fun to explore...

Being a paper-hoarder, I save EVERYTHING! The above is initially a print sheet from cleaning my printer heads, and of course I knew I would find a use for it.  Fun, right?

I guess this is my favorite from last night. It has words.
And, I may have posted too many, but please remember I am working on this moderation thing, I still don't have it down.

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