Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 21: It's still hot here ...

Day 21:  It's still hot here ...

So how about a few more cooling photos of Crystal Cove?  

Since yesterday's post, I have looked up some related information.  It seems a lot of Californians have a special fondness for this basically unspoiled treasure. I found the Crystal Cove Alliance which is a non-profit group partnered with the State Park for conservation and restoration.

Crystal Cove,  a federally listed Historic District,  is an enclave of 46 vintage rustic coastal cottages built in the 1920's and 1930's near the mouth of the Los Trancos Creek.

This is one of the last remaining examples of early 20th century Southern California coastal development.  Crystal Cove Beach Cottages has cottage descriptions and rental information.

The Beachcomber Cafe, is the only restaurant on the beach, and is very popular. 


Exploring the unspoiled terrain can make the restaurant 
wait into enjoyable memories.


I am hoping you'll stop by again tomorrow?  I will be telling you about an earlier profession. 

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