Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 16: Work to be done ...

Day 16:  Work to be done ...

Once in a while, I have a request, or a commissioned art work.  I am blessed with some kind, patient clients. Several years ago Jane bought "Violet" and took her home.

A year or two later, she bought "Sisters 2" 
to take home and join "Violet".

Since then, Jane has asked for another "Sisters", 
for her sister, and knowing it won't be the same.

I wanted to do a couple of versions for Jane to pick from. 
My first attempt is "Drama Sisters".  I haven't shown this one yet, 
as I want present a selection.  Yesterday I sketched a vintage version ...

It isn't finished, but I thought you might like to see it in progress? 

I start with sewing pattern tissue and block  out my shapes.

Then I start to add in color. 
It has advanced a little beyond this, 
but I will save the updates for a future blog. 

Did I mention that I am desperate for comments?

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