Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 14: The lunch date ...

Day 14:    The lunch date ...

 Today I had lunch with my oldest grandson.  Yes, the one 
 with size 13-1/2 tennis shoes.  And,  the meal was his treat! 
 Now it just doesn't get better than that.

We both like Mongolian barbecue at a tiny place in Fullerton. 
We both ordered the "B" lunch. They brought Jordan his bowl 
of frozen, thinly slivered chicken,  and pork for me.  We both 
used our own formula for the amount of cooking oil,  then 
added our choice from celery, sprouts, green pepper, broccoli, jicama, carrots, onion and cabbage on top of the frozen meat. 

We placed it on the counter,  ready for the chef.

While the chef cooked our meal, a plate of rice, baby egg roll 
and pocket bread rolls arrived at our table.

They had a large selection of drinks. The handsome young man chose mango. His date, water.

We talked about his back to school shopping. 

About him starting his upcoming freshman year, 
and playing freshman basketball. 
Isn't being a grandma just the best? 


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