Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 40: A talkative avocado?

Okay, I hadn't planned on this. You were going to get 
some great shots of LA's Union Station. Maybe later.

It started with a salad for lunch, and an avocado.

This little avocado seed said "save me, I can grow". 
I hadn't planned on it, and was foggy on how.  Google!
explains to remove the skin at the base,  who knew?

Now to show I have done this before,  just not lately.
On my patio is an avocado tree. 

This 12' beauty came from my seed about 14 years ago.

I couldn't get the whole tree in one shot.
Stop looking at my messy patio! I am in a loosing
battle with a 50' pine tree, with attacking pine needles.

Back to the salad. Baby arugula, basil and my avocado.

Meanwhile, I am cooking 3 pounds of spinach in my wok! 
Thats a bag the size of your bed pillow,  added a little at a time.


Add feta cheese ... mmmm.

and strawberries ...

Check the spinach. Yes, that's 3 pounds cooked down.

Lemon juice from Marsha's lemon tree and pine nuts.
Did you know pine nuts are $18.99 a pound?
I bought $3.84 worth of pine nuts and am tempted
to count them to see the cost per. 

I add the juice of half of Marsha's lemon, seeded,
then cut it it in quarters to boil with the spinach.
Yes, I discard the lemons before eating. 
If you're not a spinach lover,  have you tried this? 
It's good for you!

My lunch is ready.  
I'm no Julia Childs,  but I'd love to be 6'2".
Bon Appetit!

Day 39: A day off? I went to L.A.

Super student, Tyler gave me a birthday gift last December. 
He said pick any gallery, any restaurant for a day out together. 
Due to busy schedules, today was that day.

Meet Tyler,  21,  my student since age 10,  and about 
to graduate from UC Santa Cruz with a very bright future.

a fabulous destination.  Then we walked.


On to MOCA,  Museum of Contemporary Art, 
to see the Panza Collection.
Outside was a huge cantilevered sculpture of found parts.

We spent some time in the reading room in Eames chairs.

 I love paper, journals & notebooks.
Museum bookstores are the best.
Tyler bought me a converted old book/journal! Love it!

Original book cover

Original fly pages

Plain pages
as well as original pages

After lunch at Olvera Street,  we walked to 
in Little Tokyo.

Huge white orbs were suspended outside the Geffen.

We walked back under the tracks and through 
the beautiful  Union Station,  home to Amtrak and 
Metro-link lines. It opened in 1939 with opulent design, 
and is known as "Last of the Great Railway Stations".

Last stop at the Disney, before joining the parade on 
the 101,  5,  710,  91 and back to the 5 freeways.
I love L.A. and Tyler.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 38: My relatives before I met them.

 With a family of ten, then seven, 
there are lots of stories to be told and passed on.

Imagine being the three elder sisters dating.
L-R: Uncle Russel & Aunt Fern, 
Aunt Pauline & Uncle Owen, Aunt Martha & Uncle Jerry, 
and all under the watchful eye of their Dad, 
my Grandpa Beatty.

Aunt Pauline was third oldest and youngest sister.
She an Uncle Owen were outstanding teachers.
A lot of teachers in our family.

The youngest,  Dorothy,  at 12.

And, again at 18.  Before she met my Dad.

My Mom, Dorothy Areva Beatty Turner.

My Dad, William Glenn Turner. 

And so it began.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 37: Happy Birthday Dad!

My Dad would be 103 today!  So, a little bit about his family.

This is my Dad's Grandpa, his Mother's Dad,  John Mills.
I think Grandma said he trained and drove "silkies"? 
But I am not sure.

This is from 1884! Can you imagine? 
It was to honor Great Grandpa John Mills in his passing.
I just thought it was so cool, so here it is.

Meet Leila Mills, John's daughter and Dad's Mother.
4'9" tall, size 4 shoe and a heart as big as the sky.

Leila Mills was 16 when she married William Turner,
my Dad's Dad. They had four children, two lived.

Dad was older brother to Max.

They served in the Navy and Army.

Happy Birthday Dad!  He liked cake.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 36: My relatives growing up ...

The "homeplace" where my Mother was born. 
I wish I had a better picture, but I do in my mind.

  I remember playing there as a young child.  
The big white house was the biggest I had ever seen. 
And the farm went on forever in my eyes. 

My cousin Katha,  Aunt Fern's daughter, said 
that her Mother and Uncle Ralph were very close. 
He died at 16, Aunt Fern was 13, and devastated.  
That happened back then.

The three youngest of ten,  were very close.
and they remained so their whole lives.

The family grew up.
Back row: Aunt Pauline, Uncle Pete, Aunt Martha,
Uncle Les, Aunt Vonda
Front: Grandma, Dorothy (Mom), Grandpa and friend.
I am guess-timating this photo is about 1930.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 35: Way before I was born ...

Bear with me, I am getting carried away.  

I've actually taken framed pictures off the wall, 
and cleaned my scanner to copy these special old photos.

So young! I wonder if she envisioned a family of ten?

My mothers parents, my grandparents. 
William was a farmer, Mary a mother and housewife.

Aunt Fern and Uncle Les were the oldest of the 
five sisters and two brothers that lived.

Holding her tenth child, I can't imagine
that kind of strength ...

and so many people to care for you.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 34: A little background music ...

Too much about me. I want you to meet my family.

Back row: Aunt Vonda, Uncle Pete, Aunt Martha, 
Uncle Les and Aunt Pauline. 
Front row: Aunt Fern, Grandpa Beatty, Grandma Beatty 
and my Mom, Dorothy.
I cried when I made this picture, I miss them.

I don't have as many photos of my Dad's family.
But thank goodness I have this one.

Dad looks like a happy camper.

Mom was the youngest of ten, I can't imagine.