Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 11 I have a problem with Moderation ...

When I work on the computer I go into "tunnel vision" mode, and too often sit for hours.  I then pay for it anatomically, when I walk away like Quasimodo.  I have added a computer voice giving me the time every half hour, but more often than not, 
I say thank you and continue.

I have invested in a new extractor, which is going to whirl me into a super healthy dynamo.  To this end I went to ARIA, my local international supermarket.  A former K-Mart site, this is a huge venue, with more of everything than I have ever seen.  I will add that I went at lunch time, and I was hungry.



This is not an ad for the store, these are my actual i-phone photos, from my kitchen as I unloaded, which was in itself, a herculean task.  The next task is the cleaning and preparing.  I bought a lot of spinach, shown above cooking. Do you know how long it takes just to clean 2 bundles of kale and 2-1/2 pounds of spinach? The persian cucumbers were already cleaned and seasoned before I remembered to take the photo, same with the strawberries. You may be imagining a family of six or eight?  No,  just me folks.  
I could go on,  but you get the idea.  
I am just not skilled in moderation.

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